File No. 763.72111/2909

The Austro-Hungarian Chargé (Zwiedinek) to the Secretary of State

No. 3303]

Excellency: In continuation of the Embassy’s note No. 2549 of July 24 of this year1 and with reference to your valued note No. 178 [Page 771] of July 21, 1915,1 about the recruiting of our subjects residing in this country to war against the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the Imperial and Royal Embassy has the honor to enclose two more affidavits on the subject.1 One was sworn to before Frank A. Lenz, a notary public at Butte, Montana, the other before the notary public, Morris Eimer, of Bronx County, New York.

In addition the Imperial and Royal Embassy has the honor to submit a list of seventy South Slays, mostly subjects of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Gačko-Polje who, according to the investigation conducted by the Imperial and Royal Consulate at St. Louis, have fallen victims to the recruiting operations carried on in the early part of June by the man Matanovitch named in the Embassy’s earlier note.1

It seems from the reports that have reached the Imperial and Royal Consular Offices that the recruiting agents are using greater caution of late and that the men are no longer sent over the Canadian border in groups but singly. Touching the British Consul’s active cooperation in this unlawful recruiting business, the enclosed article of the St. Louis Daily Globe Democrat of the 12th instant furnishes unintentional information.1

The Imperial and Royal Embassy has the honor to ask that use be made of that material also.

Accept [etc.]

E. Zwiedinek
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