File No. 763.72111/2822

The Russian Ambassador (Bakhméteff) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: Mr. J. Matanovitch, delegate of the Montenegrin Government, whose case was inter alia dealt with in my note to your excellency of the 28th August,1 has informed me [Page 770] that at the time of his apprehension in Portland, Oregon, on the charge of violation of the neutrality laws of the United States, he had addressed to the Department of State a telegram in which, while disclaiming responsibility for the alleged violation of law he practically admitted the fact that others then subjects of Montenegro did enlist under the false pretence of being Montenegrin reservists. Mr. Matanovitch is desirous that this admission should not be considered as an averment of the actual happening of the said fact. He intimates that his telegram to the Department of State was worded on the faith of the indictment served upon him and of reports of the press which were his only sources of intelligence at the time of his arrest, but which stand at variance with information gathered subsequently, such, for instance, as a statement made under oath by six Chicago residents, presenting the alleged acts in a notably different light.

According to the desire of Mr. Matanovitch I am enclosing herewith the said statement for the possible use of your Department.1

I am [etc.]

E. Bakhméteff
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