File No. 763.72111R24/78

The Attorney General ( Gregory ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I am to-day in receipt of a telegram from the United States attorney at San Francisco, dated July 6, as follows:

Indictments against twelve voted in Sacramento case and against five in Blair recruiting case. Consuls and attachés all excluded but proof of guilt in both cases was conclusive. Traced recruiting funds to account of British Consul.

On June 23, 1915, you transmitted to this department a request from the German Ambassador that the alleged recruiting in San Francisco be investigated, and you desired this department, to make a “thorough investigation of the matter and such a report thereon as can be used as the basis of a reply to the German Ambassador.”

I do not suppose that the German Ambassador will desire any further report at the present time than a statement of the above action of the grand jury.


For the Attorney General:
Charles Warren

Assistant Attorney General