File No. 841.711/119

The Netherland Minister ( Van Rappard ) to the Secretary of State

No. 3704]

My Dear Mr. Secretary Of State: Referring to our previous correspondence on the subject of the violating of the mail on neutral ships by the British authorities, I just got a new cable from my Government in which Mr. Loudon firstly states that the word “intention” used in his cable of November 28, which I handed to you November 29, was not correct. The British Minister at The Hague had told him that the British Government considered the “possibility” of no more respecting mail on neutral ships.

In the meantime the two following facts prove that the British Government have found the violation of the mail on neutral ships “possible.” The mail of the Dutch steamer Frisia, when entering the Channel homebound to Amsterdam, has been partly taken from on board by the British Navy, as also happened to the German mail destined to the United States, which was taken from the Dutch steamer Noordam, when leaving the North Sea bound for New York.

The Netherland Minister of Foreign Affairs instructs me to cable at once what steps the United States Government contemplate taking as a result of last-named measure touching American interests.

I feel sure that the seriousness of this case will kindly induce you to enable me as quickly as possible to give my Government the information they desire to obtain, and offering you [etc.]

W. L. F. C. v. Rappard