File No. 841.731/690

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Page)


1847. For your information. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Norway has requested the good offices of the American Legation there in a matter of importance to Norway, concerning the censorship of telegrams to and from the United States, stating that if it continues Norway must run short of food supplies and other products during the winter, having no resources of her own and being at present entirely dependent upon the United States.

In the hope of ameliorating the situation the Norwegian Government has appointed a Victualing Commission to examine whether goods are destined for consumption in Norway and to assist trade with the United States. Although the commission has approached the British Government requesting that all telegrams signed by it should be allowed to pass, the British Government has so far not responded to the request. The Norwegian Minister for Foreign Affairs desires the Department to bring this to the attention of the British Government in order, if possible, to bring about an arrangement whereby commercial telegrams between the United States and Norway may pass, and especially telegrams signed by the Victualing Commission.

You may informally discuss this situation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cable report of their attitude.