File No. 763.72/2271

The Minister in Persia ( Caldwell ) to the Secretary of State


I have received your November 19, 5 p. m.1 Russian forces have retired short distance, allaying excitement but all things unsettled.

[Page 72]

Russian forces still landing in Persia. Understood negotiations are in progress for peace. German Minister and the majority of Persian members of Parliament are in Kum. Turkish Ambassador is very near Teheran and may return. Prime Minister in strict confidence says Russia demands that Persia must declare war on Turkey, Russia offering to furnish all necessary money, soldiers, and to discharge the present Persian national debt. Personally I am doubtful that such will be insisted on. English Consul and subjects were arrested at Shiraz. Desultory fighting between the Persian soldiers under their Swedish officers and the Russian groups at Hamadan unauthorized from the Government of Persia. English Consul, Russian Consul and subjects leaving the latter place. Russians complain to me of our taking care Turkish and the German interests, accusing German Minister of murderous plots and having had munitions, explosives, etc., stored at the Legation of Germany. The charges were denied. There is no proof offered. There was no munition of war or other explosives at either Legation when I assumed charge and hoisted the American flag.

Just now, since coding the above, the English Minister and Russian Minister acting upon orders of their Governments formally inform me that their Governments refuse to recognize the right of neutral powers to assume protection of Turkish and German interests when Persia and their Governments are at peace. Similar notices sent Spanish Minister who has charge of Austrian interests. Government of Persia has decided to remain here for the present.

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