The Secretary of State to President Wilson

My Dear Mr. President: I am sending you a copy of the telegram in regard to Progreso.2 I feel as reluctant as you do to take such positive action, but I believe it as real a kindness to Carranza as it was to Huerta and I think the Huerta incident furnishes a very strong precedent. While Carranza may take offense at it, the chances are he will not, and we can assure Villa and Zapata of our purposes, and in case we came in conflict with Carranza we are in a position to restrain the employment of force within the smallest possible limit just as we did at Vera Cruz. At Progreso there would be no reason for landing a force or taking charge of the port. The people of Progreso are against Carranza, while at Vera Cruz Huerta was in possession.

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As Mr. McAdoo told you, I am preparing to leave for Atlantic City at four o’clock this afternoon. Mr. Davis will telephone me if anything comes up that might require my presence here.

I am [etc.]

W. J. Bryan