The Secretary of State to President Wilson

My Dear Mr. President: I enclose to you a copy of the telegram which was sent last night by Admiral Benson to the Naval Commander at Port au Prince, after I had received your telegram and advised him of the change in the wording of the original draft.

We have had no further advices as to the situation, but I believe that unless there is a decided change we will be able to arrange matters very much as we please.

Faithfully yours,

[File copy not signed]

The Acting Secretary of the Navy (Benson) to Admiral Caperton

Whenever the Haitians wish you may permit the election of a President to take place. The election of Dartiguenave is preferred by United States. You will assure the Haitians that the United States has no other motive than the establishing of a firm and lasting government by the Haitian people and wishes to assist them now and at all times in the future to maintain both their political independence and territorial integrity unimpaired. That the Haitian Government will grant no territorial concessions to any foreign governments will be insisted upon by the United States. The question of the session of Mole St. Nicholas will be taken up later by the government of the United States along with the other questions to be submitted to the reorganized government with regard to its relations to the United States.