The Secretary of State to President Wilson

My Dear Mr. President: The Danish Minister left with me this noon a paraphrase of a cablegram which he had received yesterday from his Government—a copy of which is herewith enclosed.7

You will perceive that the Danish Government continues to insist upon their previously stated consideration for the Danish West Indies, namely, 100,000,000 kroner, which is equivalent to $27,000,000. I would like your views in regard to the matter. I confess that the amount seems to me large. At the same time I believe the purchase of the Islands would meet with general approval in view of the public opinion of the country in regard to national defense. I should dislike very much to see the negotiations fail, or the treaty if negotiated, fail on account of the amount agreed upon as the purchase price.

Do you think it would be well for you to take the matter up with Senator Stone, or any other Senators, in order to find out their opinion as to what the temper of the Senate would be in case we made a treaty on the basis of $27,000,000?

Faithfully yours,

Robert Lansing
  1. Not printed.