President Wilson to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I think our list is now complete, namely:

  • Mr. Elihu Root,
  • Mr. Charles R. Crane,
  • Dr. John R. Mott,
  • Mr. Cyrus H. McCormick,
  • Mr. S. R. Bertron,
  • Mr. James Duncan, as the representative of labor,
  • Mr. Charles Edward Russell.20a

I have only just learned of the willingness of Mr. Russell to serve and am sending him a note today to learn the earliest hour at which he would be ready to leave. I think it would be wise now to give out the names of the Commissioners and supply the Press with as full information as they desire about the several members. I am enclosing the account of Mr. Russell from Who’s Who.20b

Faithfully yours,

Woodrow Wilson
  1. For the final composition of the Commission, see Foreign Relations, 1918, Russia, vol. i, p. 109.
  2. Not printed.