The Secretary of State to President Wilson

My Dear Mr. President: I call your attention to the enclosed despatch just received from Ambassador Francis. It causes me serious concern. I wish we could do something to prevent the socialistic element in Russia from carrying out any plan which would destroy the efficiency of the Allied Powers.

My suggestion would be that a Commission, say of three men, be sent at once to Russia, if agreeable to that Government, and that one of the Commissioners be Samuel Gompers15 who would have a very decided influence with the labor element in Russia and prevent in a large measure, I believe, the tendency of the socialists toward a separate peace with Germany.

From despatches we have received, as you know, the German socialists are seeking to meet the Russian socialists, undoubtedly for the purpose of influencing them to support a separate peace between Germany and Russia.

Faithfully yours,

Robert Lansing

The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State

1169. Naval attaché cables his Department 13010, April 10, 1 p. m.:

I hear authoritatively that naval conditions precarious, military not wholly satisfactory. Social circles urging peace and fears are [Page 326]entertained by some that army will be influenced thereby. Desirable that everything possible be promptly done to strengthen situation.

  1. President of the American Federation of Labor.