The Secretary of State to President Wilson

Dear Mr. President: I send you a copy of a paper which was handed to me by the British Ambassador yesterday,5 saying that it was confidentially communicated and must not be regarded as in any way official, and that he gave it to me because he wanted to be perfectly frank in setting forth the feelings of his Government in regard to the public sentiment in Great Britain.

I believe that it will impress you, as it has me, that the temper of the British Government at this time does not make for an amicable settlement of our difficulties with them. Of course, this paper calls for no action on our part, but is valuable in indicating what their reply will be in regard to the questions of the censorship of mails and the blacklist.6

Faithfully yours,

Robert Lansing
  1. Ibid., p. 445.
  2. On October 2 President Wilson replied: “This is a very disappointing and discouraging document. They are sinking further and further into the dark.” (File No. 763.72112/3046½.)