File No. 4832/49–50.

The Acting Secretary of State to the Brazilian Ambassador.

No. 67.]

Excellency: The department has been advised by Mr. John Brewer, custodian of its legation at Caracas, that in view of the suspension of his consular functions, Mr. Lorena, chargé d’affaires of [Page 830] Brazil, has not deemed it proper to hand over to him the monthly payments made to the chargé by the Venezuelan Government on account of the awards of the mixed commission of 1903 in favor of American claimants, or to furnish him with copies of the correspondence exchanged between the Brazilian legation and the Venezuelan Government concerning American matters Mr. Lorena’s action is understood to be based on his opinion that Mr. Brewer no longer holds any official position under this Government.

The department thinks, however, that Mr. Brewer should be held to be its agent to receive the moneys in question and custodian of its legation to receive copies of the correspondence above referred to.

Mr. Lorena will thus be relieved of the trouble of buying the drafts and remitting them to this Government, and it is also to be desired that our legation’s files should possess copies of the correspondence above referred to at the time of its exchange.

I have the honor, therefore, to suggest that you will be good enough to communicate the department’s views to Mr. Lorena, as well as its instruction to Mr. Brewer, which has been drawn in conformity with the views expressed in the present note to you.

Accept, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee.