File No. 4832/49–50.

Mr. John Brewer, custodian of the legation at Caracas, to the Secretary of State.

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of two inclosures sent me through the Brazilian ambassador at Washington in a communication dated July 10, 1908, and to say that these copies have been added to the legation archives.

Furthermore, I beg to advise the department that the Brazilian chargé d’affaires has shown me the above-mentioned note (the Acting Secretary of State to his excellency Mr. Nabuco, July 10, 1908), requesting that I be informed that my consular functions have been suspended This information has also been communicated to the Venezuelan Government.

Mr. Lorena states that in view of this action by the department he can no longer hand over to me the monthly payments on account of the awards of the mixed commission of 1903, nor furnish me with copies, etc., of his communications with the foreign office for filing in the archives, and suggests that I request your full instructions as to how far I am to go in such matters I respectfully add that it has been my endeavor to keep the regular business with the department running as usual, although the only instructions I have received have been to “report to the department from time to time on conditions in Venezuela.” As the absence of a consular officer in Caracas throws a great deal of extra work on the Brazilian chargé d’affaires, for which neither he nor the secretary of legation can accept compensation, I trust the department may permit me to relieve Mr. Lorena in any way it may see fit.

I have, etc.,

John Brewer.