File No. 4832/41–42.

Ambassador Dudley to the Secretary of State.

No. 210.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from the department of the following telegram.1

A copy of the note of thanks which I accordingly addressed to the Brazilian foreign office is inclosed herewith.

In view of the withdrawal of our legation, France also, through its legation at Petropolis, has asked leave to confide its interests and archives at Caracas to the keeping of Brazil’s legation at that capital In both instances this Government has evidently considered itself honored by the request and has assumed the responsibility most cheerfully.

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Bearing upon the good offices thus extended the American Government by Brazil is an editorial from O. Paiz, of Rio de Janeiro, a copy and translation of which I believe the department will be pleased to receive and which I inclose herewith.1

I have, etc.,

Irving B. Dudley.

Ambassador Dudley to the Brazilian Minister for Foreign Affairs.

No. 134.]

M le Ministre: I am in receipt of a telegram from my Government which, advising me of the withdrawal of its legation from Caracas, states that by the courtesy of Brazil it has placed its interests and property in Venezuela in the hands of the diplomatic representative of your excellency’s Government The sense of gratitude aroused at Washington by Brazil’s friendly action in the premises has already been expressed to Ambassador Nabuco, but it is the desire of my Government that I confirm to your excellency’s Government in terms of most cordial appreciation the acknowledgment thus already made.

Allow me in so doing to assure your excellency of the sincere satisfaction it affords me to be the medium of conveying a message in recognition of my Government’s indebtedness to that of Brazil for this renewed mark of consideration and good will.

Be pleased to accept, etc.,

Irving B. Dudley.
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