File No. 2976/31.

The Italian Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

No. 3656.]

Mr. Secretary of State: The agent of the Royal Italian Tobacco Regie at New York advises me that the season for the purchase of tobacco during the fiscal year 1908–9, on account of the Italian monopoly, is about to open. For your timely information, I deem it advisable to give herein below the list of the factories engaged by the said agent of the Italian Monopoly to pack the tobacco during the forthcoming season in the States of Kentucky and Tennessee: General agent, W. G. Dunning & Co., Louisville, Ky. Local and packing agents: T. J. Stahl Tobacco Co., factory, Paducah, Ky.; Fields Hamlet Tobacco Co., factory, Fulton, Ky.; John H. Hodge Tobacco Co., factory, Henderson, Ky.; John H. Hodge Tobacco Co., factory, Slaughterville, Ky.; John H. Hodge Tobacco Co., factory, Sebree, Ky.; John H. Hodge Tobacco Co., factory, Madisonville, Ky.; Lewis & Moss Tobacco Co., factory, Martin, Tenn.; H. B. Douthit Tobacco Co., factory, Paris, Tenn.

The Italian agent, besides confining his purchases to places generally known as being less dangerous, will take such precautionary measures as may lie in his power. The conditions as to the safety of life and property in the above-named States make it a duty for me to beg that your excellency will, with your high authority, invoke [Page 493] the special vigilance and protection of the State powers over the goods purchased by the Italian monopoly over the places where they are deposited and the persons charged with their custody.

Accept, etc.,