File No. 2126/80.

The Acting Secretary of State to Minister Furniss.


Mr. Bacon acknowledges telegram and informs Mr. Furniss that criticisms on the situation at St. Marc are entirely unwarranted, as the condition there was extraordinary, and the consular agent was removed as soon as his connection with the revolution became known, it afterwards appearing that he was harboring fellow revolutionists who had murdered the governor. Says his removal was necessary, and with it the responsibility of the United States Government for Miot’s acts, as well as his representation of it, ceased absolutely.

[Page 431]

Mr. Furniss is informed that the situation at Gonaives, and probably also at Port de Paix, as he now reports it, is entirely different, although under no circumstances will the United States Government encourage revolution and crime nor permit abuse of the practice of sanctuary, and his instructions as to protecting British and Cuban refugees continue unchanged. Referring to Haitians at Gonaives and Port au Prince, Mr. Bacon directs him to notify the minister for foreign affairs that the United States denies sanctuary against due process of law, but will protect refugees against summary lawless slaughter, such as now appears to have been meted out to the refugees at St. Marc. Instructs him to consult with the commander of the Eagle as to the practicability of transferring all the refugees from Gonaives and Port de Paix to Port au Prince to be turned over to his protection for safe-keeping until their status, whatever their nationality, can be determined under international law and until absolute guaranty from the President and Government of Haiti can be obtained for their trial according to the orderly operation of the Haitian law, it being clearly understood that the United States will not consent to nor encourage a premium upon revolution and lawlessness, but in the interest of common humanity will insist upon unequivocal guaranty by international agreement as to the treatment of the refugees.