File No. 2126/51.

The British Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

No. 16.]

Sir: I have to-day received telegraphic information of His Majesty’s Government to the effect that His Majesty’s consul general at Port au Prince reports the outbreak of a serious revolution on the island of Haiti. According to this information the ports of Gonaives and St. Marc are in a state of blockade and the lives and property of British subjects resident in those towns are endangered. It is further reported that a United States naval vessel is on the spot and that His Majesty’s ship Indefatigable has been ordered to proceed there without delay, but can not well arrive in less than a week.

I am instructed further to inquire whether the United States Government would be so good as to instruct their naval authorities to afford protection to British subjects in the island of Haiti pending the arrival of H. M. S. Indefatigable to such extent as may be requisite.

I shall be greatly obliged if I might be put in a position to assure my Government on this point as soon as conveniently possible.

I have, etc.,

James Bryce.