File No. 2126/66–68.

Minister Furniss to the Secretary of State.

No. 278.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that the French and German ministers, the Cuban and Dominican chargé d’affaires, and the British consul general attended a meeting at the legation to-day, when it was decided that, in view of the fact that the Haitian war vessel Nord Alexis, with the Haitian vice admiral and the secretary of war on board, was before St. Marc, which place it is reported is to be bombarded within the next 24 hours by the said vessel, the representatives of such nations as had citizens or subjects there should protest against such steps being taken against an unfortified [Page 424] town and should call the Haitian Government’s attention to the fact that if the bombardment was proceeded with the Haitian Government would be considered responsible for all loss of life or damages sustained by the citizens or subjects of the protesting representatives.

I inclose herewith copy of my protest and copy in French of the protest of the French, German, and English representatives; the other representatives present at the meeting, though in accord therewith, not sending protest, as they had no citizens in St. Marc.

Present conditions in Haiti were discussed, and from the news at hand it seemed to be the general opinion that the revolutionary movement will spread and will be especially detrimental to the foreigners.

The necessity for foreign warships was likewise discussed and it was thought that for the present no action would be taken, other than that the German and French ministers thought it advisable to request their Governments to have a war vessel near at hand in case of emergency.

Later in the day the French minister informed me that, because of current rumors coupled with the attitude of the Haitian Government toward some Frenchmen who had to-day arrived here by the German boat Graecia, which is from New York via Cape Haitian, Port de Paix, and Gonaives, he had decided to cable for a man-of-war to come to Port au Prince at once.

Your excellency will please accept, etc.,

H. W. Furniss.
[Inclosure I.]

Minister Furniss to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

No. 242.]

Sir: I have reason to believe that the Government of Haiti proposes to bombard St. Marc, at present occupied by the revolutionists.

I desire to call your excellency’s attention to the fact that there are American citizens at that place with considerable business interests. As I understand it, the place is unfortified, and I desire to enter protest against bombardment which may cause damage to the persons or property of said Americans, and to inform you that the Haitian Government will be considered as responsible for such damage, etc., as may be caused to them.

Your excellency will please accept, etc.,

H. W. Furniss.
[Inclosure 2.—Translation.]

Note of protest of the German, French, and English representatives to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Secretary of State: I have reason to believe that the Government of Haiti proposes to bombard St. Marc, at present occupied by the insurgents.

As there are at St. Marc important French interests, and as on the other hand that city is not fortified, I protest in advance against the bombardment, which can only cause damage to persons or French property, and I have the honor to inform you that, in advance also, I render the Government responsible for those damages.

Please accept, etc.,

——— ———.