File No. 2126/42.

Minister Furniss to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Furniss reports the outbreak of a revolution headed by Gen. Gumau, who came as emissary of Firman in a sailing vessel from St. Thomas and landed near Gonaives a few days ago, states that information has been received that Gonaives and St. Marc are in the hands of the revolutionists; that telegraphic communication is interrupted; and that the Dominican minister has received private advice to the effect that all department of Artibonite is in arms. Mr. Furniss says the Haitian Government published yesterday officially that there had been an earthquake at Gonaives, but during the night the secretary of state for war embarked on a Haitian war vessel, it is said, with troops. Adds that to-day the Haitian Government published that the Haitian forces have repelled the revolutionists, but this is doubted, it being said that the department of the west and south will join the revolutionists.