File No. 6775/585.

The Secretary of State to the Delegates of Costa Rica, Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Gentlemen: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt, through reference hither by the President, of your letter to him of the 25th ultimo in which you confirm your telegram to him of the 16th ultimo announcing the inauguration, on the 15th ultimo, of the Central American International Bureau, created by convention signed at Washington on December 20, 1907, by the representatives of the five Central American Republics.

The assurances given in your letter that it is your intention to do all in your power to attain the high purposes for which the bureau was created, has given the President great satisfaction; and he hopes that the work of the bureau will be of a high character, and realize all that is expected of it as one of the instrumentalities in securing a lasting peace, prosperity, and brotherhood among the nations of Central America.

With sentiments of high esteem, I have, etc.,

Elihu Root.