File No. 6775/583.

The Delegates of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and Salvador to the Secretary of State.1


Mr. Secretary: As we had the honor to communicate to you by cable, the International Central American Bureau created by the convention signed at Washington on December 20 last by the representatives of the five Central American countries was formally opened here on the 15th instant.

While informing your excellency of this event again, we take pleasure also in reassuring you of our intention to do all in our power to attain the high purposes for which the said bureau was created, thus acting in conformity with the hopes and desires of our respective Governments.

However, our work would be absolutely fruitless if we could not, as we believe we can, depend on the moral and effective support of eminent personages, who, like your excellency, are interested in behalf of the peace, the union, and the progress of the Central American Republics.

With the assurances of this support, we enter upon the task of this bureau, and we hope your excellency’s illustrious mind will always see in these tasks the patriotic motives by which they are inspired.

Availing ourselves of this opportunity to assure you of our high esteem we take pleasure in being

Your obedient servants,

  • Ricardo J. Echeverria,
  • Carlos Guillen,
  • Manuel F. Barahona,
  • José Pinto,
  • B. F. Zeledon.
  1. The delegates also addressed President Roosevelt in the same sense.