File 7431/5.

Chargé Philip to the Secretary of State.

No. 294.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that arrangements for the release of Kaid Maclean are now considered by the British legation here as having been satisfactorily concluded.

Raisuli has lately signified his acceptance of the conditions as last formulated; the Sultan has also given his formal consent to the same, [Page 879] and the British Government, through whose instrumentality the negotiations have been chiefly carried forward, is also in accord therewith.

The conditions of the release are as follows, viz:

Payment of £20,000 ransom, £5,000 of which is to be paid on the release of Kaid Maclean; the remainder (£15,000) to be held by the British legation, and to be paid to Raisuli within a period of three years. (Installments of £50 per month having been suggested).
The British Government to grant full British protection to Raisuli and 18 of his relatives.
The Moorish government to release from prison 29 friends and partisans of Raisuli.

I beg to state that it is confidentally expected here that the final arrangements will be completed at an early date, and that Kaid Maclean will be released within a fortnight.

I am, etc.,

Hoffman Philip.