File No. 7431/4.

Minister Gummeré to the Secretary of State.

No. 246.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that Sir Gerard Lowther, the British minister, informs me that he has received two letters from Kaid Sir Harry Maclean, who is held captive by Raisuli, in which he reports that he is in good health, although he has been through some trying experiences, Raisuli, on the approach of the Mhallas, having taken him farther into the mountains, but after some five days’ wandering, returned him to the place where he had been held for the greater part of the time. Sir Gerard also informed me that Kaid Maclean reports that Raisuli’s terms are very much moderated and that virtually all that he demands for his release is that he shall be given British protection, so that he may live, for the future, in peace and quiet with his family. These terms, Sir Gerard reports, he has communicated to his Government, with a recommendation that they be granted.

I am, etc.,

S. R. Gummeré.