File No. 4013.

Minister Beaupré to the Secretary of State.

No. 456.]

Sir: I have the honor to refer to Mr. White’s No. 381, of June 23 last, transmitting a copy of an executive decree of May 31 last, regulating customs law No. 4933, and to inclose herewith a copy of an executive decree of the 27th ultimo, cut from the Boletin Oficial, No. 3926, of the 7th instant, which annuls article 89 of the above-mentioned executive decree of May 31 last. This decree provides for the use of Argentine warehouses for goods in transit from foreign parts to the countries contiguous to the upper waters of the rivers Parana and Paraguay and tributaries.

I accompany the decree with a translation.

I am, etc.,

A. M. Beaupré.

Ministry of Finance.

[Annulling article 89 of the decree of May 31 last, regulating the customs law.]

Considering that the provisions of article 89 of the decree regulating law No. 4933 gives rise in practice to certain inconveniences that it is necessary to avoid, and in view of the advisability of fostering the development of the commerce [Page 41] of transit and of the coasts, to which there will contribute above all else the conveniences afforded them and the facilities accorded them in customs procedure,

The President of the Republic, in general session of his cabinet, decrees:

  • Article I. Article 89 of the decree of May 31 of the current year, regulating law No. 4933, is annulled, the procedure having in the future to follow the provisions of article 31 of said law.
  • Art. II. Merchandise proceeding from the bordering countries in transit for established ports of Bolivia and Paraguay and of the Brazilian States of the upper Parana and river Paraguay, shall be deposited in the fiscal warehouses, which for this purpose shall be established in the depots of Pilcomayo and Posadas. The deposit shall be made after permission obtained and on the presentation of the general manifest of the cargo that the vessel carries.
  • Art. III. There may likewise be deposited in said warehouses the merchandise in transit, proceeding from beyond the sea, for transshipment or reembarkation and destined for the ports mentioned in the preceding article, after the corresponding permission is obtained and on presentation of a certificate (guia) that shall be taken in the first Argentine port of call and shall be verified in said deposits, partial withdrawals being noted until its final cancellation.
  • Art. IV. The permit to which the preceding, articles refer shall be requested of the chief of the corresponding depot by the agent of the vessel, its nature to be determined from the details contained in the general manifest or in the certificate taken in the first Argentine port of call according to the case.
  • Art. V. The withdrawal of the merchandise deposited in the warehouse shall be made by application of the agent of the vessel, who shall solicit permission according to the requirements prescribed in Article III.
  • Art. VI. The merchandise stored in the deposits of transit shall be exempt from payment of storage for the time fixed by Article II of law No. 4908. At the expiration of the period it shall be subject to the duties imposed on that stored on general deposit.
  • Art. VII. For the execution of the provisions of articles 2 and 6 the ministry of public works shall plan the construction of two sheds of 10 meters front and 40 meters deep in the depots.
  • Art. VIII. Let it be communicated, published, and given to the National Register.

  • Figueroa Alcorta.
  • E. Lobos.
  • E. S. Zeballos.
  • Federico Pinedo.
  • Miguel Tedin.
  • Onofre Betbeder.