File No. 7661/10.

Minister Beaupré to the Secretary of State.

No. 579.]

Sir: Referring to my two telegrams, sent yesterday and to-day, and to my No. 575, of the 31st ultimo, concerning Underwood’s deviled ham, I have the honor to report that upon the receipt of the department’s telegram of the 19th ultimo I at once called upon Dr. José León Suarez, chief of the section of animal industry of the Department of Agriculture, and through? him obtained the order extending the time for the reshipment of the rejected goods until an investigation could be made. After I had explained the matter to Doctor Suarez, he promised to take a personal interest in a further investigation. Complying with his promise and also at the request of Messrs. Mignaquy & Co., he caused an analysis of the rejected ham to be made in his office, with the result, as I telegraphed yesterday, that it was declared not to contain boric acid, and an order made that it be delivered to the purchasers, Messrs. Mignaquy & Co.

I have just returned from an interview with Doctor Suarez. He expressed his regrets that an error had been made in the first analysis by Dr. Juan Sarid, who evidently did not have the proper apparatus, and he had not given sufficient time and attention to the examination. He further stated that he had obtained orders from the minister of agriculture that in future all deviled ham should be analyzed in his department, and he assured me that it should be done under his personal supervision.

Under the circumstances, I feel quite justified in expressing my belief that there will be no further difficulty in the admission of Underwood’s deviled ham, and that it will not be necessary to make any official representations to this Government, as instructed in the department’s telegram of yesterday.

I am, etc.,

A. M. Beaupré.