File No. 4478/5.

Chargé Wilson to the Secretary of State .

No. 624.]

Sir: I have the honor to confirm my telegram of the 5th instant, as follows (supra), and the following telegram of to-day’s date (supra).

On October 4 I received a telegram from one Jorge Dunster, stating that he was an American citizen, owner of a steamer called Las Palmas, which had been seized by the revolutionary forces in Corri-entes, and asking the assistance of the legation. At the weekly reception of the minister of foreign affairs that day, I showed Doctor Zeballos the telegram from Mr. Dunster. He told me that he had received the same complaint from the Italian legation in regard to two steamers seized by the revolutionists, and told me to direct Mr. Dunster to at once make a protest against the seizure of his property before the proper provincial authorities. This I tried to do, but as the telegraph service with Corrientes was interrupted I could not communicate with Mr. Dunster. I therefore wrote a note to the minister of foreign affairs stating the case and requesting him to take necessary steps for the return of the boat to its owner.

In reply Doctor Zeballos stated that the case was one in which the owner of the boat should have recourse to regular legal means for its recovery, but that, however, at my request he had sent a telegram to the authorities at Corrientes, and I am this morning in receipt of a telegram from Mr. Dunster saying that his boat was handed over to him on the 8th instant.

As told by the minister of foreign affairs, I have instructed Mr. Dunster to make his protest before the proper provincial authorities for the seizure of his boat.

I am, etc.,

Charles S. Wilson.