File No. 4457/1–2.

Minister Jackson to the Secretary of State .

No. 199—Bulgarian Series.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch (No. 192) of the 21st ultimo, I have the honor to transmit herewith a copya (in French) of the commercial and customs arrangement which was concluded between the Ottoman Empire and the principality of Bulgaria on December 30, 1906 (old style), which has just been sent me by the ministry of foreign affairs at Sofia. This arrangement went into effect on January 1/14. In general it is of the most-favored-nation character (Arts. II and III), with such modifications as are necessitated by circumstances and the existence of a long and ill-defined frontier. According to Article VI, no transit dues are to be charged on Bulgarian goods passing through the Ottoman Empire.

I have, etc.,

John B. Jackson.
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