The Minister of the Netherlands to the Secretary of State.


The Government of the Netherlands, in advising the Russian Government that the second half of July would be a convenient time for the opening of the peace conference, had no other object than to carry out the wishes of the powers.

The Government of the Queen, keenly regretting that the proposed date should, by reason of its coincidence with the Pan-American Congress, arouse any susceptibilities, has informed the Imperial Government that it is quite ready to receive the conference at any other time that the powers may deem more desirable. If, however, it should be determined to have the opening in the month of September, it would be necessary, for material reasons, to select one of the last days of that month.

The Government of the Netherlands will disclaim any responsibility for delaying the conference and will allay the physical difficulties of a fall or winter meeting, while adding that the delegates will obviously find the spring season a more pleasant one for their sojourn.