The Swiss Minister to the Secretary of State .


Mr. Secretary of State: On February 8 last I had the honor, by order of my Government, to inform your excellency that the Federal Council had decided to convene anew at Geneva on May 16 next, a conference for the revision of the convention of August 22, 1864, for the amelioration of the fate of soldiers wounded during army campaigns.

By a note dated the 23d of last month your excellency kindly acknowledged the receipt of my communication.

Meanwhile, on account of the war which has broken out between Russia and Japan, the federal council has deemed it opportune to postpone the proposed conference.

Under these circumstances, the Swiss political department has instructed me, and I hasten to make known to your excellency this decision of the Federal Council, adding at the same time that my Government hopes that a near return of peace will enable it to realize the wish of The Hague Conference.

F. du Martheray.