The Acting Secretary of State to Minister Russell.


(Mr. Bacon informs Mr. Russell that the French ambassador has notified the Government of the United States that, in view of the substance of his two telegrams transmitting the communications of the Venezuelan Government, the French Government sees no other course than that of breaking off relations by recalling its chargé d’affaires and handing passports to the representative of Venezuela in Paris.

Mr. Bacon further informs Mr. Russell that the French Government has asked of the United States the usual friendly offices for the care and protection of the archives of the French legation at Caracas, and for the protection of French citizens in Venezuela.

Mr. Russell is instructed to assume the friendly protection of the French citizens when he has been informed of the withdrawal of the French representative, and give appropriate notice thereof to the Government of Venezuela.

Mr. Russell is also instructed to take temporary charge of the archives and property of the French mission, informing the Venezuelan Government that he has done so, and take all necessary steps to provide for the inviolability of these archives.

Mr. Bacon adds for Mr. Russell’s information that the chancellor of the French legation will remain at Caracas as care taker of these archives, under his protection.)