Chargé Jay to the Secretary of State.

No. 1328.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the department’s instruction No. 1023, of February 27, 1906, inclosing a letter [Page 1409] from the Hon. Rockwood Hoar, stating that four brothers named Garabedian, naturalized citizens of Ottoman origin, now residing in Worcester, Mass., are taxed by the Turkish Government through their relative, Sarkis Apkarian, of Harput, on some real estate owned by them in Worcester.

I find it difficult to believe this to be possible, and fear that the Messrs. Garabedian’s relatives at Harput must have been grossly misleading them.

I have, however, requested our consul at Harput to investigate the matter very fully and carefully. Upon the receipt of his report I will reply further upon this subject to the department.

I need not add that should the consul’s report prove the correctness of Messrs. Garabedian’s statement I will bring the matter very vigorously to the attention of the Porte on the lines laid down in the department’s instruction of February 27.

I have, etc.,

Peter Augustus Jay.