Chargé Jay to the Secretary of State .

No. 1393.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch, No. 1360, of April, 1906, on the subject of the difficulties in connection with the American school at Caesarea, I have the honor to inclose copy of a telegram received by me yesterday from Doctor Wingate, the director of the school, stating that the local authorities have threatened to seize the school property by force.

I inclose also copy of a note upon this subject handed by me to-day personally to the minister for foreign affairs.

In interviews which I have had to-day with the grand vizier and the minister for foreign affairs, they both denied that any orders have been sent to seize the school property, and assured me that the entire matter will be given careful attention.

I have, etc.,

Peter Augustus Jay.
[Inclosure 1.]

Mr. Wingate to Chargé Jay .


Referring to my letter of May 6 to Mr. Peet: Yesterday, under pretext that they had received orders from Constantinople for a second time, they (the authorities) declared that they will deposit with the Ottoman Bank the equivalent of the value of the propery and our expenses and seize by force. I replied hat without receiving orders from the minister or from our society we can give no reply. Whatever may happen afterwards I will inform by telegraph.

[Inclosure 2.]

Chargé Jay to the Minister for Foreign Affairs .

No. 715.]

Your Excellency: I have the honor to confirm my note of the 19th of April, No. 700, in regard to the correction of titles and to the construction of the Boys’ American School and director’s residence in Talas Cæsarea.

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I had the honor to inform your excellency that the director of the school had reported that the local authorities were stopping the work of construction and intimidating the workmen. I had therefore requested your excellency to cause telegraphic instructions to be sent directing the authorities to refrain from any further interference.

I now much regret to have to inform your excellency that I have received another telegram from the director of the school, dated May 13, 1906, and delivered to this legation on the 16th of May, 1906, whereby he states that the local authorities, under pretense of acting in conformity with orders from Constantinople, have told him that they will deposit the equivalent of the value of the property and of the building material in the Imperial Ottoman Bank and will seize by force the said property. I beg to inclose a copy of the above-mentioned telegram.

This legation can not believe for a moment that the Sublime Porte has contemplated such unwarrantable action on the part of the local authorities, as I need not point out to your excellency that the most serious consequences might result from the seizure by force of American mission property.

I find myself, nevertheless, obliged to confirm the notes of this legation of the 5th of February and 19th of April last, numbered respectively 649 and 700, and once more to request your excellency to kindly cause telegraphic orders to be sent to the authorities at Cæsarea to cease interfering with the construction of the buildings in question.

I take, etc.,

Peter Augustus Jay.