Ambassador White to the Secretary of State .

No. 197.]

Sir: Referring to the department’s telegram of the 8th ultimo, informing me that the American Red Cross Society had contributed $6,300, offered by the citizens of Boston and Massachusetts, for the relief of the sufferers in the vicinity of Mount Vesuvius, and to my dispatch No. 188, of May 16, in which I reported that I had drawn on the Secretary of State for that amount, I have now the honor to inform you that the foreign office has acknowledged the receipt, with thanks, of the contribution in question.

A copy, with translation, of this note, and the receipt from the Italian Red Cross Society, are inclosed herewith.

I have, etc.,

Henry White.

Signor Malvano to Ambassador White .

Mr. Ambassador: Replying to your esteemed note of May 8, I have the honor to transmit to your excellency the inclosed receipt sent by the president of the Italian Red Cross for your excellency’s check of $6,300, which amount was collected by the Red Cross Association in Boston for the relief of those suffering from the eruption of Vesuvius.

I should be much obliged if your excellency would make known to the Association the lively gratefulness inspired by its having been pleased to contribute, with such philanthropic initiative, for the relief of a population so heavily afflicted.

I have, etc.,

(For the minister.)