Ambassador Meyer to the Secretary of State.

No. 435.]

Sir: I have the honor to confirm my two cipher cablegrams sent on January 30a and February 2,a respectively, regarding the exchange of Japanese prisoners of war in the Far East. True readings of the cablegrams will be found inclosed.

In this connection I beg leave to inclose copy of a note, dated January 25, February 5, from the ministry for foreign affairs, bearing upon the matter.

I have, etc.,

G. von L. Meyer.
[Page 1336]

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs to Ambassador Meyer.

Mr. Ambassador: Referring to your excellency’s note dated October 26—November 8 last—I have the honor to inform you that, according to a communication of the ministry of war, 4 officers and 100 soldiers, on December 2 last, and on the 16th of the same month 30 Japanese soldiers, prisoners of war, were sent to Gunjulin, there to be delivered to the Japanese military authorities. There are still in the hospitals in the rear of the army 40 prisoners who, after recovery, will be brought together at Kharbine, whence they will be forwarded by echelons to Gunjulin.

Accept, etc.,

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