The Italian Chargé to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary of State: The ministry of foreign affairs advises me that while there is no change in the former regulations concerning the issuance and authentication of the certificates of origin that have been heretofore required for the admission of certain goods to the benefits of the conventional tariff on their importation into the Kingdom, the requirement of a certificate of origin to be produced upon entry in Italy has been extended to other merchandise.

In order to enable your excellency to bring this provision to the knowledge of those who may be interested therein, I have deemed it expedient to acquaint you with the foregoing and to hasten at the same time to submit herein a complete list of the merchandise for which the aforesaid document is required.

[Page 909]

Silks, wines in casks and bottles, olive oil, oil of turpentine, compounded medicine (exclusive of propriety medicines in original packages and wrappers bearing the name and residence of the maker), velveteens, utensils and other manufactures of common wood in the rough, prunes, beans, peas, mushrooms and asparagus in vinegar, salt and oil, salted fish (sardines and anchovies, inclusive of “Salacchini, boiane,” “scoranze,” mackerel, “langaroli,” “angusigole,” “aride,” “bobi,” and “suri”), fish pickled and in oil (exclusive of tunny), cheese, manufactures of horn and bone (exclusive of combs and hairpins), musical instruments (exclusive of organs, pianos, and harmoniums), fans.

Accept, etc.

G. C. Montagna.