The President of the Peruvian Senate to the President of the Senate of the United States .


To the most excellent the President of the Senate,

At the session held this day by the Senate of Peru in honor of the most excellent Secretary of State, Mr. Elihu Root, the following resolution has been adopted:

The Senate of Peru has the honor to send its greetings to the Senate of the United States of America and to express to it the [Page 1236] peculiar gratification with which it has received in its midst the eminent statesman, the most excellent Elihu Root. His plans of American solidarity respecting sovereignty, liberty, and justice quicken and strengthen the friendship and sympathy that the Peruvian nation professes for the great Republic. I consider it an honor to transmit this expression to your excellency for the information of the honorable Senate of the United States and to offer to your excellency the sentiment of my distinguished consideration.

President of the Senate.