Minister Merry to the Secretary of State.

No. 1132.]

Sir: In compliance with the request made in your No. 683, of 16th instant, I have the honor to inclose herewith translations of the Costa Rica laws in relation to the immigration of alien races. By this mail I send you a volume including these laws, just published here by the Government, purporting to include Costa Rica statutes now in force. Therein you will also find the recently enacted immigration law alluded to in my No. 1115, of December 5, 1905, which you will notice is almost a copy of part of our own law on the same subject. You will also notice that the law of January 10, 1904, translation of which is inclosed herewith, prohibits the entry of Arabs, Turks, [Page 1188] Syrians, and gypsies of any nationality. Consequently, even if in possession of United States passport, the entry of these races is prohibited, and, in fact, Syrians of British nationality by naturalization have been recently returned to Jamaica from Port Limon. As suggested in my No. 1119, of December 21, 1905, it seems desirable that some arrangement shall be made with Costa Rica Government to grant all American citizens provided with passports the right of transit. The foreign travel through this Republic is increasing, and other cases similar to those alluded to in dispatch above named may occur at any time.

With assurance of my highest consideration, etc.,

William Lawrence Merry.

Decree No. 6, of May 22, 1897.

  • Article 1. The immigration of individuals of Chinese nationality remains from this date absolutely prohibited.
  • This prohibition will not include the Chinese already established in the country in a permanent manner, who can leave the territory of the Republic and enter it when they deem it convenient.
  • Art. 2. The Executive is authorized to stop the immigration of other races which, in his judgment, may be injurious to the progress and prosperity of the Republic.

costa rica law excluding other foreigners.

Decree No. 1, of June 10, 1904.

  • Article 1. Entry into the Republic is prohibited of Arabs, Turks, Syrians, and Gypsies of any nationality.
  • Art. 2. The captain of the port, on making the sanitary visit to each vessel, will take note, examining their respective papers, of the race and nationality of the individuals, of the passage with destination to the country, and if among them there should be individuals to whom applies the qualification of the preceding article, he shall communicate without delay the prohibition to disembark, giving the same notice at the proper time to the captain of the vessel.
  • Art. 3. In such case the said official shall communicate the occurrence to the governor of the place, to make effective the prohibition, and even to make seizure by legal means, if it should be necessary.