Ambassador Thompson to the Secretary of State.


You will please cause the Associated Press to say that the numerous statements in American papers relative to an uprising of Mexicans against foreigners in Mexico September 16 is without foundation so far as is discoverable in Mexico, where seemingly all said of such an uprising comes from reading American papers received in this country.

President Diaz assures me this morning, as he did a week since, as reported in my dispatch of July 5, that he is unable to find cause for any of the alarming interviews and statements reported to have been given out by Americans returning to the United States from Mexico.

The Mexican Government, however, because of the alarming stories put in circulation, are vigilant to the last degree, and should disturbances develop at any point the offenders will be dealt with as their cases may merit. The railway organizations have been named in some American newspaper articles as the instigators of the anti-American sentiment. Last night the chief officers (Mexicans) of one of the two organizations in Mexico (the Gran Liga de Empleados de Ferrocarril) called to tell of the great injustice the American press is doing their order, and saying that their people had no grievance against either the Mexican Government or the foreigners, their sole object being to propagate peaceably a better condition for the railway employees.