Ambassador Thompson to the Secretary of State .

No. 111.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 76, dated May 31 last, relative to the refusal on the part of the Mexican authorities to recognize federal inspection labels, seals, and certificates on meats imported into Mexico from the United States, and to draft of proposed regulations submitted to the Mexican Government for approval, I have the honor to transmit herewith copy and translation of a note and its inclosure from the foreign office, informing me that the matter, being one in which the fiscal authorities have no interest further than to protect public health, the same has been submitted by the treasury department to that or government, to the end that after hearing the opinion of the superior board of health of Mexico the above regulations be adopted, if consistent.

I have, etc.,

D. E. Thompson.
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[Inclosure 1.—Translation.]

The Minister for Foreign Affairs to Ambassador Thompson .

Mr. Ambassador: Referring to your excellency’s courteous note, dated the 17th of May last, I have the honor to transmit a copy of a communication addressed to me by the department of the treasury relating to the inspection of meats from the United States.

I avail, etc.,

Igno. Mariscal.

The Treasury Department to the Secretary for Foreign Affairs .

Department of the Treasury and Public Credit.—Mexico.—First section.—No. 5131.

I received your courteous note, No. 4453, dated May 23 last, in which you have been pleased to include the one addressed to you by the ambassador of the United States of America, stating that the Mexican authorities refuse to recognize federal meat-inspection labels, seals, and certificates as evidence that fresh meats from said country can not be injurious to public health, and at the same time the department under your worthy charge asks to be informed upon the matter.

In reply I have the honor to say to you that in view that in the matter in question the fiscal authority has no interest at all, since the formalities provided by article 67 of the general customs regulations have as a sole purpose to protect public health and the same were inspired by the authorities upon the subject, the case has been submitted to the department of government to the end that should it be considered advisable after hearing the opinion of the board of health to adopt the suggestions of the Government of the United States of America, this department opportunely take the proper action to put them into effect.

I renew, etc.,

R. Nuñez,