Ambassador Thompson to the Acting Secretary of State.

No. 220.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 198,a of the 10th instant, relative to the seizure by a Mexican transport, on a charge of poaching, of the fishing vessel Aloha, belonging to the Gulf Fisheries Company, of Galveston, Texas, I have the honor to inclose copy and translation of a note from the foreign office and of the communication from the department of war and marine therewith transmitted, reporting the status of the case in the courts.

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I have had no information relative to the case from the consul at Veracruz later than that contained in his report of the 7th instant (inclosure 7 in No. 198); but he will keep me advised as to any further developments.

I have, etc.,

D. E. Thompson.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs to Ambassador Thompson.

Mr. Ambassador: Referring to your excellency’s note, dated the 7th instant, relative to the capture of the schooner Aloha near Areas Keys, I have the honor to inclose herewith a copy of a communication from the department of war and marine informing me upon the proceedings followed by the proper authorities in relation to the capture.

I renew, etc.,

Igno. Mariscal.

The Secretary of War and Marine to the Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

The transport Progreso having captured the American schooner Aloha on August 30 last, because the same was anchored at a mile and one-third from Areas Keys, with its fishing tackle on the deck ready for fishing, and as the reasons given by the master of the schooner to the commander of the Progreso as to why she was at that place did not appear acceptable to the latter commander, the fishing schooner was consigned by the military commandant of Veracruz to the district judge of the same place, and the latter officer has said to the military commandant, under date of the 3d instant, the following:

“In reference to the case, No. 283,906, instituted on account of the capture of the American schooner Aloha by the transport Progreso on a charge of poaching within Mexican waters I have on this date pronounced a decision, reading as follows: Veracruz, September 3, 1906. Having taken cognizance of * * * action was at once taken to insure the vessel with all her appurtenances and objects found on board, depositing the same with the port master. Transmit this to the above-mentioned officer and to the military commandant of the city for proper effects with regard to the deposit. C. Suzarte Campos. A. Romero Velez. Which I have the honor to transmit to you for your information and legal effects, informing you that I have on this date addressed the port master with the same intention.”

Which I have the honor to transmit to you for your information, with the understanding that all the documents relative to the capture of the vessel in question have been asked from the military commandant, and as soon as the same are received the same shall be reported to the department under your worthy charge.

I renew, etc.,

G. Cosio.

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