Chargé Wilson to the Secretary of State.

No. 395.]

Sir: I have the honor to report, as a graceful courtesy done the United States, that on the occasion of a reception at the legation on Washington’s Birthday, to which were invited the American residents of Tokyo and Yokohama and many Japanese who had studied or resided in America, H. R. H. Prince Arthur of Connaught called formally to give his congratulations upon the day. The prince was accompanied by his suite, the British ambassador, and a number of Japanese officials and officers, including Admiral Togo and General Kuroki.

The reception the Japanese Government and people have given Prince Arthur, who has been in Tokyo as the representative of his sovereign to invest the Emperor of Japan with the Order of the Garter, has been characterized by the splendid demonstrations of welcome and the magnificent entertainments in which the Japanese excel, and has of course been the occasion for many allusions to the friendship between the allied nations.

I have, etc.,

Huntington Wilson.