reply of the president.

Mr. Ambassador: The friendship which has existed between the United States and Japan since the opening of your country to foreign commerce, the steadily increasing cordiality of intercourse between them, and the importance which they have assumed in the affairs of the world make it most meet that the diplomatic relations between them should have a more intimate character.

I am glad, therefore, to welcome you to Washington and to receive from your hands the letter whereby His Majesty the Emperor of Japan accredits you as his first ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary near this Government.

I have no doubt that the bonds of friendship and good accord which unite our two countries will be more firmly cemented by your endeavors. To this end you may rely upon my hearty cooperation.

I beg you will convey to His Majesty my thanks for his good wishes and assure him of the cordial sentiment which he has deservedly won among us.