The Acting Secretary of State to the Japanese Chargé .

No. 265.]

Sir: Referring to Mr. Takahira’s note No. 39,a and to your note No. 42,b dated, respectively, July 20 and July 29, 1905, requesting that certain violations of the Geneva convention of 1864 and The Hague convention of 1899, by Russian troops, be brought to the attention of the Russian Government, I have the honor to inclose herewith, for your information, a copy of a dispatchc from the American ambassador to Russia inclosing a copy of a note from the Russian Government, in answer to both of the Japanese notes.

Accept, etc.,

Robert Bacon.
  1. Printed in Foreign Relations, 1905, p. 618.
  2. Printed in Foreign Relations, 1905, p. 619.
  3. Printed under Russia.