The Costa Rican Minister to the Secretary of State.


Sir: The Government of Costa Rica, interpreting the national sentiments of the Costa Rican people, who have always by their pacific and industrious habits, as well as by their desire for progress and advance, viewed with profound interest the welfare of their sisters in Central America, duly appreciates the distinction of having had its capital selected for the negotiation of the general treaty convened on board the Marblehead; and, as an act of courtesy to the Government of the United States of America for an equal interest in the welfare of the Central American States, shown, once more, during the recent conflict between Guatemala and Salvador and Honduras, has instructed me to inform your excellency’s Government, through the honorable medium of your excellency, of the successful outcome of the Central American peace conference held in San José, Costa Rica, from the 15th to the 25th of last September, in which Costa Rica, Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras were represented.

Therefore, I have the honor to send your excellency, herein inclosed, two copies of the official report of the work of the conference, as follows:

Proceedings of the inaugural meeting;


General treaty of peace and amity, arbitration, extradition, commerce, etc.;

Convention for the establishment of an International Central American Bureau in the city of Guatemala;

Convention for the establishment of a Central American Pedagogical Institute in San Jose, Costa Rica.

I also send a translation into English of said treaty and conventions, the contents of which documents will inform your excellency of the notable success achieved, which I deem as a genuine demonstration of the spirit of conciliation and fraternity which unites the signatory States, having had in mind the absence of representatives from Nicaragua, in order to obtain in the near future, it is to be hoped, the adherence of that sister republic.

The undersigned enjoyed the honor of having been chosen to be the secretary of the conference, and in compliance with the instructions of his Government, as his first act upon resuming his duties [Page 857] near the illustrious Government of Washington, it is a great pleasure, as it is a high honor, for him to renew to your excellency the expression of his sentiments of the highest and most distinguished consideration.

J. B. Calvo.