The President of Guatemala to President Roosevelt.


I highly appreciate with sincere thanks and accept without hesitation in the most cordial manner the proposition of peace between Guatemala and Salvador that Your Excellency is pleased to address to me.

The outcome of the war is already in favor of Guatemala, but in deference to a good friend of ours, as is Your Excellency, I see no objection to an armistice being agreed to and terms of peace being negotiated on board the Marblehead. I only take the liberty of saying to Your Excellency that * * * we hope, with the interposition [Page 840] of the invaluable action of the American Government, that this time, through Your Excellency, the arrangements that will be made will fulfill the lofty purpose of Your Excellency, which always finds with my Government the most friendly and cordial reception.

I rejoice that the President of Mexico is also interested in the cause of peace. I reiterate to Your Excellency my thanks and perfect assurance of my highest consideration.

Manuel Estrada Cabrera.