The Acting Secretary of State to Chargé Brown.


(Mr. Bacon quotes the telegram sent by President Roosevelt to the President of Guatemala and mutatis mutandis to the President of Salvador.a

For his information he adds that the President is distressed at a report received that day that Guatemala is invading and fighting Honduras and Salvador, thus continuing the conflict and apparently retarding the way to peace. He says the President trusts there may be no misapprehension as to this, in view of the earnest assurances heretofore received from the President of Guatemala, and relies on the faith of those assurances. He directs him to endeavor to impress upon the Government of Guatemala the President’s earnest desire to see this deplorable contest checked, disarmament effected, and the way opened for peace, and says that he may explain, if need be, that the offer of the Marblehead as neutral place of meeting is intended to meet any possible difficulty in bringing together the representatives of the two Governments, and does not exclude any other way in which the President’s good offices may be exerted. He directs him to keep in touch with Merry, and through him, if occasion offers, with commander of Marblehead.)

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