The British Ambassador to the Acting Secretary of State.

No. 173.]

Sir: In my note, No. 114, of June 22, relating to the case of Arthur McIntire, I had the honor to inform you that the matter having the consideration of His Majesty’s Government, I have now received a dispatch on the subject from His Majesty’s principal secretary of state for foreign affairs.

In view of the action taken by the United States Government to prevent irregularities in claims for extradition, I am directed by Sir Edward Grey to draw your attention to the certificate given by the assistant circuit attorney of the city of St. Louis, and that “this request for extradition is made in good faith, with the sole purpose of prosecuting said fugitive for said offense, and not to secure his return to this State to afford opportunity to serve him with civil process, nor to serve any other private end, nor to detain or prosecute him for any other offense whatsoever.” I am accordingly instructed to invite you to consider whether action of a disciplinary nature should be taken in regard to this matter.

The papers forwarded in support of the application for extradition (including the certificate of the assistant attorney of St. Louis) are inclosed herewith for your information, and I should be obliged if you would return them to me after perusal.

I have, etc.

H. M. Durand.