Consul Cornelius to the Third Assistant Secretary of State .

Sir: I beg to inclose the first official copy of the sections of the fishbait act, published for general information. I regret that I could not procure a copy sooner.

I am, etc.,

George O. Cornelius.

public notice.

The following sections of the act entitled “Of the exportation, sale, etc., of bait fishes” are published for general information:

  • Section 1. No person shall (1) export or cause or procure to be exported or assist in the exportation of; or (2) haul, catch, take, or have in his possession for the purpose of exportation; or (3) purchase or receive in trade or barter for the purpose of exportation; or (4) take, ship, or put or haul on board, or assist in taking, shipping, or hauling on board of any ship or vessel for any purpose whatever; or (5) carry or convey on board of any ship or vessel for any purpose whatever, any herring, caplin, squid, or other bait fishes from, on, or near any part of this colony or its dependencies, or from or in any of the bays, harbors, or other places therein, without a license in writing, to be granted and issued as hereinafter provided.
  • Sec. 9. Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of section 1 of this chapter or any of the subsections thereof; or (1) use, dispose of, or deal with any bait fishes otherwise than in accordance with the terms of the affidavit made upon application for a license or with the terms of such license; or (2) make any untrue statement in any affidavit upon application for a license under this chapter; or (3) obtain a license under this chapter by means of any false statement or misrepresentation or by the suppression or concealment of any material fact, shall be liable for every first offense to a penalty not exceeding $1,000 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding twelve months.

Any person convicted of a second or subsequent offense under this chapter shall, on conviction, be subject to imprisonment with hard labor for a period of not less than twelve months.

Eli Dawe,
Minister of Marine and Fisheries,
Per W. B. Payn.