The French Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary of State: The president of the council, minister of foreign affairs of the Republic, advises me that the Senate and Chambers of Deputies, convened on the 17th of January in a National Assembly to the end of electing the President of the Republic, in accordance with article 3 of the Constitution, have elected Mr. Armand Fallières, President of the French Republic, for the term of seven years from the moment when President Loubet’s term of office expires.

By order of my Government, I have the honor to bring the decision of the National Assembly to the knowledge of the Federal Government.

I may be permitted to express on this occasion the wish, the fulfillment of which can not be doubted, that the period during which Mr. Fallières will preside over the destinies of France shall but prolong the series of years, now numbering more than a hundred, during which the friendship and sympathy of our two countries have been affirmed.

Be pleased to accept, Mr. Secretary of State, the assurances of my high consideration.